Your rights management system needs to do the obvious: track royalties and help you make correct payments to the right people at the right time. But as your library grows, you need a solution capable of calculating more complex variables that ties into your financial system (Quickbooks, Oracle, Xero, etc.). A solution that ensures you are strategically monetizing all your assets.

2-4Our new guide, Why Financial Capabilities Are Important In A Rights Management System, answers the question: If your rights management system can't do financials well, how valuable is it?  Use our guide to access: 

  • Ways to evaluate your rights management system

  • Details on why financial capabilities are essential as your library grows

  • A financials must-haves checklist

  • And much more!

Stop wasting time investing in tech that you'll have to change out later. Learn what to look for in a robust competitive rights management system. 

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