Complex Film & TV Rights Management Ebook!

History, Current Tracking, and 21st Century Solutions

Entertainment rights management has always been complicated, with restrictions on availability by language, geography, and more. But the advent of new distribution channels has multiplied the complexity.

If you're still managing your rights with basic business tools like Excel, you are missing out on opportunities that are too complicated to pinpoint—and worse, leaving your company open to a lot of risk.

In our new ebook, we review how the complexity has grown and what some of the common losses are for entertainment companies.

Download the ebook and learn: 

  • How the evolution of distribution changed film rights management
  • The impacts of ancillary rights
  • How complex entertainment rights tracking can be with OTT distribution, regional rights, and global currencies
  • How companies can face challenges with 21st Century solutions
  • And much more!

complex rights management

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